Energy Resources needed to make Electricity Power

As the development of any nation is related with the agriculture and industrial growth, then there is no doubt every country tries to initiate necessary step to gear up the development. In such case to push up these areas towards development, the nation requires sufficient electrical power energy. The development of these areas will not only improve the ranking but also change the civilization and living and life style of the people. Thus raise of more demand of power will increase the challenges in those countries.

Basically, the electrical energy power generation method adopted by the country is depends on the availability of energy creation resources in that country. The power can be generated by using two basic resources i.e. non-renewable and renewable energy resources.

The non-renewable energy resources are the resources which are obtained and these are finite. The example of non-renewable resources is coal, nuclear, and byproducts of petroleum such as petrol, gas, diesel, kerosene, etc. These resources are obtained from the deeper layer of the earth. In spite of much more expenses incurred in obtained these resources, the countries are showing favor for implementation of power generation project by using these resources. The energy generated by using these resources is not in a position to meet the requirement of raising demands. Apart from expensive, usage of these resources spreads a lot of pollution in to the atmosphere, and the rivers and oceans are being contaminated due to disposal of their wastage.

On the other hand other resource which is available with us is renewable energy resources. The renewable energy resources are those which are gifted by the nature, like sunlight, wind, and water. These are the resources that they never deplete like non-renewable, and these will be available as long as the solar system exists. The solar system was formed some billion years ago and will be there up to some billion years. So, we can enjoy this energy up to some more billion years with guarantee.

Because of the greenhouse gases are released due to the utilization of non-renewable resources, many changes are being taken in atmosphere and leading to Global Warming. Global warming is doing worst  effects on atmosphere.